Hauling vs Junk Removal: What's the Difference?Hauling vs Junk Removal: What's the Difference?

Article by Ross Briggs

Industry terms tend to change and evolve over time. As companies grow, and services expand, the catch all terms we have historically used become increasingly outdated or lack the specificity to truly capture the meaning behind the current process.

Enter the Junk Removal industry. A industry that has dramatically expanded and blossomed in San Diego over the past two decades.

Originally, junk removal was a service performed by trash collection companies. As these companies grew, and adapted new technologies like automatic can lifters and automotive cameras, they became less adept at removing large furniture and other items from people's homes. They had fewer employees in the trucks, and expanded the territory of each vehicle.

To fill in the gap, heavy hauling companies began offering junk removal services. These companies originally specialized in moving dirt, rocks, and sand. They had employees who could lift heavy items easily, but were sometimes too dirty to enter client's homes.

The junk removal industry was created to fill the need for a company who was capable of moving heavy or bulky items, but were also professional and clean enough to maintain the cleanliness of the homes they entered. To this day, the terms are often confused, but homeowners can help themselves out by distinguishing between these two specialized services.