It's Official! People prefer Pittsburgh over Philly!It's Official! People prefer Pittsburgh over Philly!

Now you know it's true more people like Pittsburgh than Philadelphia!

On Thursday May 29, 2014 at 12:37 PM-a day that will live in infamy. Grant Spyke of Duquesne University became the 287th follower of 1-800-Haul-Out Pittsburgh-helping them inch past Philadelphia's 1-800-Haul-Out by one.

1-800-Haul-Out Pittsburgh's Facebook page has earned a lot of attention lately. New friends at Kendall, Life's Work and Allegheny Cleanways have helped prove that people really prefer Pittsburgh to Philadelphia as the page has out paced 1-800-Haul-Out Philadelphia's Facebook by over 10,000%!

In one week 1-800-Haul-Out Pittsburgh earned more Facebook likes than 1-800-Haul-Out Philadelphia has total.

Why the strong following? We'd like to think people just prefer Primantis brothers over Pats/Genos.

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