Junk Removal: How Much Stuff Fits in Your Truck?Junk Removal: How Much Stuff Fits in Your Truck?

1-800-Haul-Out Pittsburgh uses 16 cubic yard trucks to remove almost any of your unwanted items. But how big is 16 cubic yards? We get that question all of the time. The answer is not always that simple. Often times we have a lot of miscellaneous items from yard debris to construction debris that are difficult to quantify. So for the purpose of this post, let's use a few items we all can picture: couches and wooden dressers. One full truck would be equivalent to 7-8 full size couches or 11-12 wooden dressers stacked on top of each other. In other words, we can fit a lot into our trucks! We offer free estimates so please feel free to schedule one today!