Method to the Madness: Where Do I Begin? Method to the Madness: Where Do I Begin?

Cleaning up a neglected property can be a difficult undertaking. Even mustering the motivation to get started on the project can be a major challenge for many people. So we decided to interview some industry experts to get their unique opinions on the best way to start a property cleanup.

"The problem many people make, is trying to mentally tackle the whole project right away." Explains Wes Starckens, Lead Morale Consultant at 1-800-Haul-Out of San Diego. "You have to take things one step at a time, to avoid getting overwhelmed," he explains. "First, focus on separating the good items from the junk."

Homeowners can expedite this process by creating a "junk section" in the house or yard, a place where they can put items they have deemed no longer necessary or usable. They can always come back to the task of separation whenever they have time or motivation.

"The next thing we like to recommend is cleaning up a single room of the residence, and make it look great. This provides a safe-haven and motivation to continue the cleaning process."

By having a safe haven, homeowners can escape the cleaning process when required. They can take a break, and a mental breather from the cleaning task.