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Article by Ross Briggs

It's 6:47am, the misty air above me is just starting to glow with the first warm rays of a brisk January morning. We're in Pacific Beach, a residential (mostly) community in San Diego, California. Beside me, two men are already hard at work, they're standing knee deep in a pile of junk, a hodgepodge of old appliances, broken toys, obsolete TVs, and much, much more. I'm not sure what time the guys started this morning, but I can see both of them have already produced a considerable amount of sweat even despite the chilly morning air.

"This is how we always start our daily routine," one of the guys tells me, his name is Rob and he's been working with Haul Out for a little over two years now, "first thing we do in the morning is sort through everything from the day before." The two men are currently busy separating a large pile of yesterday's pick-ups, they throw each of the items into various piles around the yard, each stack bound for it's own unique destination. One especially large pile, currently situated directly in front of me is made up of all types of electronics (most of which appear to have put their best days behind them); the stack contains anything from old TV's and microwaves, to a full size copier and a broken cash register. There are other piles and bins throughout the yard, each holding its own distinct type of waste; there are household cleaners, various types of plastics, concrete, and cardboard. "If there is one thing I have really learned since working here, its recycling." Rob said, "I knew you could recycle newspapers and cans, but I never realized how much more there is to it. I'm really starting to feel like an expert." The ambitious young company that promises to haul out "just about anything" has dealt with some very unusual items over the years, and the staff has learned a thing or two about recycling those unconventional resources.

"Whether it's easy stuff, like metal, glass, and paper; or more tricky items like electronics, batteries, or even asphalt and concrete, chances are we have dealt with it before, and we've got a resource for recycling it." This quote is from Edward Chang, Operations Manager and recent recipient of the Employee of the Month Award at 1-800-Haul-Out. He went on to explain that there are numerous resources available in every city throughout America capable of recycling everything from toilets to talcum powder. However, the tricky part can sometimes be locating these facilities in the first place.

When recycling stuff that may be less common than bottles and cans, it becomes a matter of knowing who and where to bring each item... but its not always that easy- as Chang went on to explain: "These places aren't always the most customer friendly establishments," he says with a slight chuckle, "they might not be listed in the phone book, online, or even have a working phone line. Many of these recyclers have been family businesses for a long time, and aren't necessarily looking to attract new clients."

So what do the experts at Haul Out do when they're searching for a certain recycling facility? "Over the years we have established a network of resources which serves as an authoritative directory of local recycling facilities." Chang explains. One such organization is WasteFreeSD a local organization dedicated to maintaining the overall cleanliness of San Diego's amazing eco-system. WasteFreeSD provides a comprehensive directory of local recycling facilities with materials they accept, as well as up-to-date contact information. The other main resource we interact with almost constantly is Recycle San Diego , which provides recycling services, and acts as a hub of knowledge for all recycling information in San Diego.

If you find the search for the perfect recycler in San Diego to be overly difficult or cumbersome, rest assured that 1-800-Haul-Out is always just a phone call away. Our uniformed and professional staff will quickly and responsibly remove your unwanted items and ensure they are delivered to the proper recycling facility. Learn more about the local San Diego Haul Out branch, or schedule your free estimate now.