We Love Trashy Philadelphia. We Love Trashy Philadelphia.

It’s no secret why there are throngs of junk removal companies in Philadelphia. While our fair city is home to a long list of national treasures, its long history also makes it the perfect climate for clutter. Look around!! You don’t need to look very far from the roadside on Columbus Boulevard or Girard Avenue to find old mattresses, strange wind pockets that kick up tornadoes of old potato chip bags and miscellany, a smattering of random street trash. Occasionally you’ll see posts that people once tied their horses to, well acclimated to their new urban environment despite not having seen a horse in roughly 200 years. It’s interesting to think of the massive scope of people who have come and gone, lived and died, built and destroyed, on the same small plot of what was once, very long ago, lush green terrain.

The Natives had a widely held belief that past generations are a gift to us, which is true. Those who have paved the way and come before us have made our lives that much easier. But at the same time, in the current age, we have more than any generation prior. We have massive supermarkets, strip malls every few miles, more jobs, more manufacturing, more food, more stuff. Taking into account the full scope of our history, we are spoiled! It’s now easier than ever for us to be massively effective consumers. We can spend twelve seconds and five clicks on the internet, and have practically anything we could possibly need delivered right to us, wherever we are. But with great power comes great responsibility. In our desires to have everything we could possibly need, it becomes frightfully easy to acquire much more than we could ever possibly use.

If Philadelphians hundreds of years ago could see the things that modern Philadelphians have been throwing away, they’d be aghast! But things have changed, and with change comes the need to adapt. Haul-Out understands the importance of “stuff”, the raw materials involved, the immense effort it takes to move and manipulate the things we use everyday, the value of a clean space. We know that the modern Philadelphian has an understanding of the way things once were and the way they should be. We love Philadelphia, its trash, its glory, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, everything! Our goal is to keep it beautiful while keeping in mind the value of history and not succumbing to the vice of wastefulness. Ben Franklin was a huge proponent of cleanliness and an enemy of wastefulness, so we like to think he’d support us at Haul Out. Maybe he’d also spend too much time pondering the scrap value of the Rocky Balboa statue.