What is $100 worth to you?What is $100 worth to you?

It was a beautiful day in the burgh yesterday! We had a great day meeting new people in our community and helping them out with some spring cleaning. Our guys were out all day soaking in the sun and Hauling Out. We just launched an amazing offer on Living Social, pay $20 for a $100 off your Haul Out! Amazing right?! People seem to be loving it, but the most common question is “what does $100 of stuff look like?” Well... you know that old couch that your adorable cat scratched up that you miiiiight just need to replace, or that fridge that just doesn’t stay as cold as it used to? We will Haul that out for you practically for free! If you need a full house clean out or a hot tub Hauled Out, make sure you get that coupon and save yourself $100…. Now we want to ask you…. “what will you do with that $100 savings?” Like us on Facebook and post a picture of what you did with your savings.