Who is the Cheapest Junk Removal Company?Who is the Cheapest Junk Removal Company?

When most of us are ready to eliminate an old piece of furniture that has become an eyesore; or throw away an appliance that no longer works, we are usually not looking to spend anymore than necessary to dispose of it. After all, you've already paid for it once when you purchased it, so why should you pay again now?

When we see the question in this light, its easy to see why many people ask this question when considering junk removal companies.

"Probably 6 out of every 10 customers will express some concern about price while booking an appointment." That's according to Geoff Scalli, scheduling coordinator for Haul Out in San Diego, CA. Geoff has been in the industry for 3 years, and explained that price has always been at the top of most customers' minds ever since he started working at Haul Out, in 2010.

"The thing many customers don't always understand is that not all companies are as forthright with pricing as we are. [We] always include everything from start-to-finish in our price quotes- but I've heard some pretty bad stories from customers about competitors that tack on additional dump fees or labor after the work is complete."

The other piece of the equation many people don't consider when considering their options, are the incidental damages that can occur when moving furniture or other large items.

"Our drivers are the team leaders, they have all been with the company for at least 12-months before we hand over the keys to a truck, and command of a team" Geoff explains, "but we've had guys join us from other companies who told us they were driving at their last job on their first day, with no training or guidance at all! That's how mistakes happen."

While Haul-Out is proud to carry all required insurance and bonding for our industry, we are even more proud of our track record of safe work, operating for 6 years without a single significant injury or incidence of property damage!

When you're choosing a junk removal company, be sure you consider all the costs involved before deciding. It's usually cheaper to something it right the first time, than having to deal with the consequences of a mistake.

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