Appliance Removal Philadelphia Appliance Removal Philadelphia

Appliance removal is a pretty simple process. First the appliance must be disconnected from the power, and any other utility line like water, gas, or plumbing. This disconnection process can range from simple (e.g. washing machine, refrigerator) to more difficult (e.g. dishwasher, some ovens). Once the appliance has been disconnected, it can be freely moved out of the house. We recommend using at least two people to safely carry the weight.

You will want to plan the shortest route to your destination, and then review the path several times to discover any tricky areas along the way. Common hang ups will include stairs, tight corners, and door thresholds.

After safely removing the appliance from your home, you will need a vehicle capable of transporting the item. Load the appliance into your vehicle and secure it with ratchet straps or other device.

If your appliance is a refrigerator, freezer, or air conditioner, you will need to have the freon removed before you can recycle the item. Local freon reclamation facilities can easily be found with a google search.

After removing any chemicals, you can take your appliance to a recycling facility. Depending on the facility and the combined weight of your appliances, you may be entitled to a cash refund for your appliance.